Dirty Talk Phrases to Add Some Fire to Your Sex Life

Many women still feel uncomfortable using dirty talk phrases in the bedroom. But, times have changed and it is OK for women to take the lead and have fun. It is not only about making your partner happy, but also in doing what is good for yourself.

Most couples are looking to add some energy to their sex life. Over time, things start to get stale and some extra fun is a natural thing that can only add to the relationship. There is no big secret in learning how to talk dirty to a guy. Just be confident, and say what comes naturally. There are some examples of talking dirty that can give you ideas and get you going in the right direction, but it is up to you to use it in a way that works for you.

Everyone you talk to seems to have advice on a better sex life. What works great for one couple may not be right for another. Talk to your partner. Open communication is one of the largest obstacles in any relationship. Be open with each other about what you like and do not like. Do not be afraid to experiment with different things.

Here are some examples of dirty talk phrases to get you started. Use you imagination to come up with lots more.

  • I want to be naked with you.
  • Does this feel nice?
  • Your mouth feels wonderful.
  • You do great things with your tongue. Keep going.
  • Do you know what I really want? Come closer …
  • Tell me what you would like me to do to you.
  • This just might be the naughtiest night of your life.

Dirty talk can start before you hit the bedroom. Casual flirting is a form of talking dirty. If you are not comfortable with talk that would make a sailor blush, that's fine. By just telling your partner how you are feeling as he does this or that that is a form of naughty talk. If you love the way he nibbles on your ear lobe, then tell him that with a tone of voice that conveys sexiness. You will be surprised how a few little words can get him hot and ready for more.

With time and practice, it gets easy. It will begin to seem more natural each time you use your naughty voice. Continue to use new phrases and may get bolder with your words as the comfort level increases. Your partner will be happy for your efforts.