How to Do an Amazing Clitoris Massage For Mega Orgasms Tonight

There is an art to clitoris massage that all men need to learn. Clitoris massage is a great way to get a woman to orgasm. Most woman love a good clitoris massage at some stage in foreplay or lovemaking.

The most important thing to realize is that every woman is different when it comes to stimulating the clitoris. Many men do not realize that every lady has different wants in the area of clitoris massage. And most guys have only one way of touching and stimulating the clitoris.

The first skill a guy needs is good communication skills. Communication is a must in sexuality so the man learns what his love really wants. Men need to learn how to ask their lover what is working. The best way for a man to communicate is to ask simple yes no questions, like do you want more pressure, or do you want me to be lighter. Yes no type questions is the best way to communicate in lovemaking.

Some women like a lot of pressure in the clitoris massage and some do not like direct touch at all. Every lady has her preferred way of touching the clitoris. Another way of finding out how your lady likes her clitoris to be touched is to ask her if you can watch her masturbate. This can be challenging for some but well worth asking.  Watching your woman masturbate can be very educational and is the best way for a man to learn how to touch the clitoris.