How to Make a Girl Desperately Desire You in Bed – This Will Make Her Almost Beg You For Sex

You may have had many relationships and several girlfriends at a time and want to believe that you understand girls and they love you when in bed. However, remember that most girls lie or are not forthcoming about their true emotions and it would be foolhardy to take their expressions at face value. As a man you need to understand that not all girls are going to crave for you no matter how rich or physically endowed you are. Girls will love you and worship you only if you are able to satisfy their deepest desires. Here are three tips that will make your girl crave for you in bed ….

Slowly turn on the heat-

Women do not feel the sexual exclusion in the groins alone, unlike men, and they prefer or rather long for a prolonged foreplay before the actual act. Start to build up her mood by giving her hints about how much you want her and how you are eagerly waiting to be alone with her. Be romantic, touch and kiss her when she is least expecting it. Be naughty with her, however, act your age it's no use acting like a teenager when you are in your mid-twenties or early thirties.

Discover and stimulate her magic buttons-

Apart from rushing into sex, the other common mistake men make is to absorb that a girl responds only to clitoral and vaginal stimulation. Nothing can be farther from truth than this; a woman's body has several points which when kissed and teased stimulate and arouse her. Explore her neck, earlobes, navel, inner thighs, lower back, shoulders and many more areas. Observe her responses and see which points herouse her and make her breathe faster.

Last longer-

Women generally reach an orgasm much later than men do and so it is important that you last for twenty minutes or more. Learn techniques that will enable you to sustain your erection for longer periods of time. Women / girls can have multiple orgasms and so it is important that you understand that they are game for round 2 and round 3 even if you feel they have had a mind blowing orgasm in round 1.

When you are in bed with your girl read her mind and discover her secrets and your girl will start to worship you.