How to Use Sex Hypnosis to Turn Your Girlfriend Into Your Willing and Obedient Love Slave

If you’ve ever tried convincing your girlfriend or a girl you have been dating lately to perform one of your sexual fantasies, you know how awkward and potentially embarrassing it can be. At best, she’ll just refuse, and say she’s not into “that.” At worst, she’ll think you’re a freak and leave you.

So naturally, when the topic of sexual fantasies is something that most couples aren’t all that comfortable talking about. There are some that even suggest you NEVER share your sexual fantasies, as they may ruin a relationship by introducing a level of expectation that may be too much to bear.

But what if there was a way to not only express your sexual fantasies, but do it in such a way that would make her not only eager to perform them for you, but think that they were her idea in the first place?

It does require some communication skill, and a fair knowledge of her body, specifically her sexual response to you during your lovemaking, but it is possible.

Here’s how.

When you are in the middle of having sex, pay attention to when she starts to get close to orgasm. If you can, prolong this as long as possible. This is when the mind is the most susceptible to suggestion. Your have an incredible amount of rapport, and the brain is flooded with wonderful chemicals.

This of course requires that you can withhold your own sexual climax while you suggest your fantasies to her in such a way that she will think they are her idea.

Begin by saying something normal that you’d like to do, wait for her response and, and then ask if she’d like to do the same thing. For example, say:

“I want to do it on the couch, you want to do it on the couch?”

Then once she has repeated after you a few times, get her to describe it in a little detail. By doing this, she will make the idea her own.

Keep this up, until she begins to repeat what you are suggesting, and slowly lead from something normal, to your sexual fantasy, no matter how kinky and seemingly “out there” it is. Be patient, as it may take several sessions.

Do this with congruence, and patience, and before you know it your girl will be doing things for you, and to you, that you never thought possible. This will undoubtedly have a wonderful effect on your overall relationship. And if you are truly brave, you will teach her this technique so she will feel comfortable using this on you.

Be careful not to misuses this. As previously mentioned, the brain is extremely open to suggestions during times of high sexual arousal. You must be careful not to convince her to do something that she will later regret, or worse. The human mind is very fragile, and great care must be taken to respect its integrity.